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Grapestake Fence
3/8/2012 2:04:00 PM
Rustic Charm

Prior to mechanized harvesting, grapestakes were used as the primary support for grape vines.  These lovely pieces of rough-hewn redwood also proved to be perfect material for informal fencing.  These days, grapestake fencing is made from new pieces of wood that have the appearance of being hand-split – that is, they have a rough texture.  Typically 2.5 to 3.5 inches wide, the stakes are usually butted up against each other to form a solid fence.  Alternatively, they can be spaced several inches apart so that foliage and flowers can spill through the fence.

  • Design – Grapestake fencing adds rusticity and charm to your cottage or ranch-style home.  Grapestake fences are typically between four and six feet high.  Thus, grapestake fencing would not deter deer, but would be excellent as informal boundary definition for your flower garden or with ornamental grasses.  All Fence professionals can help you decide how a grapestake fence can enhance your landscape.
  • Installation – Because the style of a grapestake fence is informal, installation is relatively quick and simple.  Depending on the length of your fence, we can often install a grapestake fence in one day.
  • Maintenance – Naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, grapestake fencing does not need any maintenance.  The natural weathering is part of the inherent beauty of your grapestake fence.

A factor to keep in mind when considering grapestake fencing is that grapestake acts very well as a solid screen but the stakes themselves are often not much taller than six feet.  Call All Fence today at (650) 369-4559 for an estimate.

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